Europe - Travel Guides Our Austria travel guides will help you plan the perfect trip, from the historical landmarks of Vienna to the breathtaking scenery of Salzburg.
When to visit
The best time to visit Austria for outdoor activities like hiking and boating is during the summer, between June and August.
The Currency of Austria is Euro. 1 Euro is equivalent to 1,07 USD.

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About Austria

Austria is a country in the southern part of Central Europe. It is a federation of nine states and the capital is Vienna, the largest city and state by population. 

This country is famous for the ski in the winter, the incredible green hills in Spring and Summer. It is famous for the food lovers because of the Wienerschnitzel, the strudel and the Sachertorte. The travelers who love adventures, enjoy camping and rafting in the countless rivers and lakes. Austria is also famous for the Classical Music and a lot of music lovers visit the country to enjoy orchestral concerts Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart all year round.

Fun Facts about Austria

– The Austrian Alps cover 62% of the country’s total land area.

– In Austria is located Europe’s tallest Waterfalls, the Krimml Waterfalls. They reach a height of 380 meters.

– In Werfen there’s the largest ice cave in the world. It extends for almost 42 kilometers.

– Skiing has been the most popular sport in Austria

– In the 19th century, Austria was one of the most powerful countries in the world