Hi there! It is really nice that you want to know about us. The truth is we do not like talking about ourselves but we love communicating with others. (Well…not both of us). But there is no honest communication without mutual acquaintance. So, if we are going to talk about ourselves we would like to get to know you too. Do not hesitate to reach us. We are currently on Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok and Instagram.


Who's Alexandra?

I would describe myself as a person who wants to know people, talk, and exchange experiences. Alexandra loves gymnastics and cannot imagine not doing any kind of exercise five times a week. Alexandra is the one who will look for the best places to take photos during the trip.

Who's Thanos?

Hey there, I'm Thanos. I would describe myself as a person who wants to learn new things and extend my knowledge about a lot of things. I usually organize our trips and I love to trying the local cuisine - something more than my stomach can handle.

Our Story

We are two software developers from Greece who decided that life is too
short not to discover the world. The two years of hard reality with COVID made us reconsider the way we spend our time. So we decided to organize our first trip. We packed our bags, got our masks and antiseptics, and traveled to Germany for only four days.


Road trips are a great passion for both of us. 

Our goal is to travel around the world and visit as many countries as we can. 

Why all this?

It is not just a matter of seeing the world, discovering it, walking it, and swimming in it. We want this blog to be a motivation for those who say “I’m fine here, I’m bored to take a trip, it is tiring to be away from home for many days” and all that, which prevents one from living the best days that he can.