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Café Sacher Vienna

Welcome to the world of famous gourmet treats from Vienna! The city is the origin of several culinary customs, such as the famous Sacher-Torte cake, which represents the art of Viennese pastry manufacturing. The city’s obsession with coffee and the numerous little cafés that act as its ambassadors, however, may be the finest tradition of all. The rich, decadent Sacher-Torte and the warm, inviting ambiance of the Vienna café come together to offer a singular and unforgettable experience for everyone who visits. in this guide, we will discover the best cafes in Vienna.

Vienna is a city recognized for its extensive history and coffee culture. In the 18th and 19th centuries, it was the epicenter of the European coffee trade, with coffee shops acting as gathering places for artists and intellectuals. With several traditional coffee shops and a rich coffee culture that endures today, the city stubbornly clings to its coffee traditions.

Vienna’s cafés are well-known for their long histories and distinctive coffee cultures as well as for their recent resurgence on Instagram. With their lovely décor and delectable pastries, the city’s cafés have earned a reputation as must-visit destinations for both locals and tourists. Vienna is filled with cafés that are worthy of being featured on Instagram, each of which offers a distinctive fusion of classic elegance and modern flare. Everyone will find something they like in Vienna’s diverse cafe culture, which includes everything from vintage coffee shops to modern fashionable cafés. So instead of continuing on with your day, why not indulge in some delectable cake and coffee at one of Vienna’s instagrammable cafes?


Historical Background

From its inception as a center for coffee commerce to its renown as the home of the coffee house, Vienna played a vital influence in the development of coffee culture. The city developed into a significant hub for the coffee trade in the 17th century, importing coffee from the Ottoman Empire and other nations. As a result, coffee became readily accessible and gained popularity in Vienna. By the 18th century, Vienna’s coffee shops had developed into gathering places for thinkers and artists, who flocked there to share ideas, read the news, and take pleasure in a cup of coffee. This setting gave rise to the idea of the coffee shop as a public gathering place for social interaction.

As the popularity of coffee increased, coffee houses proliferated all across Vienna, becoming an essential component of everyday life. These coffee shops acted as hubs of cultural and intellectual activity in addition to being locations to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. The coffee house evolved into a mainstay of Viennan society throughout time, and the city’s enduringly popular coffee culture is a testament to this.

Best Cafes in Vienna

Central Café

Café Central, Vienna

One of the oldest and most well-known coffee shops in Vienna, is Central Café. It was founded in 1876 and is renowned for its authentic Viennese coffee culture, Art Nouveau architecture, and history as a meeting place for intellectuals and artists. Among the most famous people who visited the café are Sigmund Freud, Gustav Klimt and Karl Kraus, the Austrian writer and journalist.

At Central Café, you absolutely have to try a traditional Viennese coffee, maybe “Einspänner” (strong coffee with whipped cream), a portion of Vienna’s signature dessert, the decadent chocolate cake known as Sachertorte, a typical pastry from Vienna, such as “Napoleon” or “Palatschinken” (Austrian-style crepe).

It’s important to experience the Central Café’s historic ambiance in addition to the cuisine and beverages when you visit.

Demel Café

Kaiserschmarrn Demel Café Vienna

The elegant, historic decor of Café Demel is well-known for its chandeliers, gilded trim, and antique furniture. Along with pastries, chocolates, and other sweets, the café provides a selection of coffee and tea beverages.

One of Café Demel’s biggest draws is its extensive menu of classic Viennan sweets and pastries, which includes the well-known Sachertorte and classic pastries like the Apfelstrudel, a warm apple pastry. The café is renowned for its premium ingredients and conventional cooking techniques, and it also provides a variety of chocolate and confectionery products, including truffles and bonbons.

Café Demel includes a small museum on site that showcases both its history and the history of Vienna’s coffeehouses in addition to its menu of food and beverages.

Café Sacher

Café Sacher Vienna

Known for its distinctive Sachertorte, a chocolate dessert with apricot filling, Café Sacher is an opulent café.

Cafe Sacher is a well-liked location for both residents and tourists since, in addition to the Sachertorte, it is also well-known for its classic Viennese food and its exquisite setting. Other than the Sachertorte, some well-liked meals to try at Cafe Sacher are the Wiener Schnitzel ,
Kaiserschmarrn (a classic Austrian delicacy made of shredded pancakes, raisins, and a sweet sauce) and Tafelspitz, a dish of boiling beef, which is a standard in Austrian cooking.

Does Sacher Torte worth the hype?

Sacher Torte is renowned for its intense chocolate flavor, firm texture, and intriguing past. Franz Sacher made the cake in 1832 for Prince Metternich, and in the 19th century, it gained popularity all across Vienna.

The proprietors of the Sacher hotel in Vienna, Austria, where the cake was originally served, believe the original Sachertorte recipe, which was devised by the Austrian chef Franz Sacher in 1832, to be a closely-kept secret. Only a small number of people inside the hotel have access to the precise formula, which has never been made public.

The original recipe for the Sachertorte has been the subject of several imitations over the years, but it is still highly guarded and plays a significant role in the hotel’s history and reputation. The cake’s mystique and appeal are only increased by the secrecy surrounding the recipe, and it is still considered a must-try for travelers to Vienna.

 The cake is made of two layers of chocolate sponge cake that have been covered in a dark chocolate glaze and filled with a thin layer of apricot jam. Due to the rich and sumptuous flavor this combination produces, pastry aficionados from all over the world appreciate this cake.

Another reason Sacher Torte is well-known is because of the legal disputes surrounding the usage of its name. The Hotel Sacher, the cake’s original maker, and another Viennese confectioner engaged in a legal dispute over the exclusive rights to the term “Sacher Torte” in the 20th century that lasted for several years in court. The Hotel Sacher ultimately received the sole right to use the name.

Thoughts and preferences vary, Sacher Torte is typically regarded as a fine and rich chocolate cake. It is frequently regarded as a particular delicacy and many people like its distinctive flavor and texture. In the end, whether something is worthwhile or not is subjective and depends on personal tastes.


Café Sperl

It is a great gastronomic experience to go to Cafe Sperl in Vienna. The typical Viennese furniture and décor of the old coffee shop provide a warm and welcoming ambience.

Your senses are immediately enticed by the scent of freshly made coffee and baked pastries as soon as you enter. You may select between a soft armchair in the more private lounge area or one of the inviting oak tables.

Take advantage of the traditional Viennan breakfast of “Kaisersemmel” (a kind of bun) with ham, cheese, and an egg that has been soft-boiled. Drink a cup of their renowned “Melange” coffee to wash it down. It is a concoction of espresso and steamed milk that is then covered in frothed milk.

Try one of their substantial soups or a traditional Viennese sandwich for lunch, both of which come with a side of crunchy roasted potatoes.

As the day goes on, Cafe Sperl develops into a buzzing gathering spot where people gather to talk and clink drinks. Try a drink of wine from their large wine selection or one of their specialty cocktails.

Cafe Sperl is certain to deliver a wonderful dining experience, whether you’re searching for a peaceful breakfast, a midday break, or a fun night out.



With a lengthy history and a reputation for providing traditional Austrian food and sweets, AIDA café is one of Vienna’s traditional coffeehouses. AIDA café is conveniently placed in the center of Vienna, making it a well-liked hangout for both visitors and residents.

The café is well-known for its traditional Viennese ambiance, with magnificent furnishings, chandeliers, and comfy seating, making it a popular place for a coffee break or a light dinner. Apfelstrudel, goulash soup, Kaiserschmarrn (a typical shredded pancake dessert), and Wiener Schnitzel are a some of the dishes that are popular (apple strudel). It is suggested that you look over their menu to see what’s new and sample a couple of the regional delicacies.

Landtmann Café

Cafe Landtmann is a coffee shop that provides a genuinely exceptional evening experience. The café has a sophisticated and traditional décor, replete with velvet seats, and marble tabletops.

The cafe becomes a bustling center of action as dusk falls, drawing both residents and tourists. A typical Viennese drink like a Wiener Melange or a glass of wine from the vast wine selection can be enjoyed while relaxing in one of the soft couches.

Traditional Viennese cuisine, including filling soups, fresh salads, and freshly baked bread. Try also their specialty meal, “Tafelspitz“.

Live music begins to fill the cafe as the night wears on, enhancing the vibrant ambiance. Whether you’re searching for a date night or a night out with pals, Cafe Landtmann will undoubtedly deliver an unforgettable experience. Plan your evening at Cafe Landtmann to experience Vienna’s warm warmth and rich cultural legacy.

Mozart Café

In the center of Vienna, next to the renowned Albertina Museum, you can find an ancient café, called Mozart.

This café creates the ideal harmony of rich coffee and sweet cream by serving coffee in porcelain cups with whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa powder. A broad variety of pastries and cakes, including the typical Viennese strudel and other traditional sweets, are available in addition to coffee.


Do you want try more?

If you are like sweet tooth like us and don’t want to stay only at the cafes on our list. We contracted a map with an extensive list of available Cafes in Vienna. Feel free to visit any of these and let us know experience in the comments below 🙂


Where to find the most delicious Apfelstrudel and Sachertorte

For best Apfelstrudel 

Café Sache, Demel, Figlmüller Café, Café Central

For best Sachertorte

Café Sacher, Demel, Hotel Sacher, Confiserie Altmann & Kühne.


An Overview of Vienna's Coffee Culture

Sachertorte & Apfelstrudel

Coffee shops are seen as public places in Vienna where people congregate to relax and chat. It is usual to savor your coffee while having a relaxed discussion.

Ordering: When placing an order, it’s customary to indicate the coffee preparation you want, such as “a medium coffee” or “a coffee with cream.” The skilled wait staff can offer suggestions based on your preferences.

Popular Beverages: A few of Vienna’s most well-liked coffee beverages are:

A medium coffee with frothed milk is known as Wiener Melange.
Strong coffee with a shot of whipped cream is a kapuziner.
Strong coffee poured in a glass with whipped cream is known as an Einspänner.
Coffee with whipped cream and a splash of rum is called a Franziskaner.

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