What to do in Greve in Chianti in 2 Days

Greve in Chianti is a small town located in Italy. It is found amongst the hills of Tuscany, a perfect destination for a small trip. What is the thing that makes it so special? Well, Greve is small, yet has many shops and restaurants. It could be easily said that it combines the quiet atmosphere with the active life. An ideal journey for a weekend. 

How to Get to Greve in Chianti

There are many ways for someone to reach Greve In Chianti. If you are already located in Italy, you can rent or drive your own car, from Rome or Florence. The shortest route is from Florence approximately 19 km while from Rome is quite longer, at 246 km. The town is located on the Chiantigiana route and your way to Greve obtains beautiful surroundings, from medieval castles to just the simple nature. 

In order to reach Greve by plane, you should book a flight to arrive at the nearest airport, which is in Florence. Since it is located 26.1 km away, you have the option to take a taxi or a bus to reach the town. Another option is the Pisa International Airport, but it is a lot further away, at 75.1 km.  

There is no train station in Greve in Chianti, however you can take the nearest one which is at Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence and from there a bus takes you to the town.  

In general, there are many daily buses that connect Florence with Greve in Chianti, and it takes about 2 hours to reach this destination. 


Things to Do in Greve in Chianti

Since the town is small, you can consider yourself lucky because you can explore it in only one weekend. There are many things to do and see in Greve in Chianti in only two days. 

The Main Square- Piazza Matteotti

Piazza Matteotti is a square located in the center of the town, a place where all the shops, restaurants, and cafeterias meet. It is also surrounded by iconic butcher shops, showcasing the town’s rich food culture. Take a walk in Piazza Matteotti, admire the beautiful surroundings, or even visit a cafeteria‘s terrace to enjoy a coffee and sightseeing at the same time. 

Churches and Museums

There are many churches in Italy, especially in the Tuscan area. It can take only an hour to visit some of them and have a good understanding of their style, and beauty. Some of them also host a museum on the inside, like the Museo di Arte Sacra di San Francesco, which is housed in the former Santa Maria Assunta church. It is a good way to observe artifacts combined with history. 

For wine lovers, Greve in Chianti hosts a museum dedicated to wine, the Museo del Vino. It was primarily created as a cellar and today showcases the winemaking techniques through the years. On a visit there, you will learn about wine culture and have the chance to taste some of the most popular varieties of wines combined with the finest food. The exploration ends with La Prosciuttaia, a cave from 1800 where about 1000 Falorni hams are slow seasoned for up to 18/20 months. 

Wine Museum

Enoteca - Greve in Chianti

If wine and its origin excite you, you could dedicate half a day only to wine. Do not hesitate to search more than the Museo del Vino. In Greve in Chianti, there are many wine tours taking place. The Azienda Agricola Altiero is a famous family-owned winery, with a warm and friendly atmosphere. The basic tasting of wines accompanied by information costs 15 euros per person. You also have the option to choose small or private groups if preferred. Small groups usually help you understand the wine-tasting procedure in a deeper way since you can also ask questions and the cost ranges between 80–200 euros, always based on the preferences of each one.

For an even better experience, you can book a private tour, where you can choose what wineries, you prefer visiting and organize your time schedule as well. The cost for the private tour ranges between 300–800 euros or more. We saved the best option to be told last. Vespa Adventure Wine Tours! A perfect way to combine a wine tour with the beautiful landscape of Tuscany. It will save you a lot of time, and give you the opportunity to see more wineries and have fun. The price comes to approximately 150 euros. 

The Castle of Verrazzano

Verrazzano Castle

The Castle of Verrazzano is a structure full of history, located between Florence and Siena. It was initially an Etruscan and then a Roman community. It represented the defense of the town back in the past, but it also has a great winemaking history. The Verrazzano vineyards have been mentioned to be there since 1150, and today it still hosts cellars, wines, and other products produced there like honey and extra virgin olive oil. The harvest, which usually takes place between September 25th and October 25th, is done exclusively by hand through a careful selection of grapes. The price to enter the Greve in Chianti Castle ranges from 10 to 25 euros per person. 

Go for a bike ride

Another fun way to explore Greve in Chianti and its surroundings is on a bike. The town offers bike rental services that allow you to admire nature at your own pace. It is usually combined with the wine-tasting procedure and the price starts from 130 euros while the distance for the exploration is about 30 km at least. A great way to explore the town while exercising. 

The paths sometimes might be a bit challenging, but the view is just breathtaking and worth it.  You do not have to worry about thinking that you will get tired since you can also use an e-bike.  The duration of the tour is about 6 hours, and the prices start from 160 euros per person. 

Wine Tours in Greve in Chianti

As previously said, Greve in Chianti is a town known for its wine history. Many people visit this place, dedicated to learning as much as possible about wine.  Indeed, Greve in Chianti offers wine tours in vineyards, cellars, and many enotecas. A perfect start could be the wineries. The town and the surrounding are full of wineries, that teach you the winemaking process from grapes to glass. 

Azienda Agricola Altiero

One of the most popular wineries is Azienda Agricola Altiero, a family-run operation with a warm and friendly atmosphere. You will need to book a reservation before visiting Azienta Agricola Altiero, and then you will try not only their produced Chianti Classico and Riserva, Rosé but also extra virgin olive oil and a small range of completely natural and organic cosmetics. The price comes to 15 euros per person for basic tasting and 25 euros for premium. Fattoria Viticcio is another winery worth visiting. It also runs as an accommodation place, with a pool and a playground, ideal for families. You can explore the vineyards that it holds and try some of the most famous wines there. The prices range from 20 to 50 euros depending on the season and the additional features that it offers. 

Lamole di Lamole

Lamole di Lamole is another place hosting vineyards on the inside. Operating since the 14th century, a historic estate offering wine-tasting and cooking classes as well. A great experience to try in Greve in Chianti fun for adults and kids.  

Enoteca Falorni  

The Enoteca Falorni is one of the most popular wine shops in Greve in Chianti offering informative sessions. We had the opportunity to try the same variety of wine from different vineyards and compare them which was quite helpful for us being beginners. The prices there range from 2 to 7 euros per glass and the difference with a winery is that you don’t have to try only one producer’s wine. 

Salumeria Landini

Salumeria Landini is another shop offering wine-tasting companies snacks like cheese and cured meats that take off the wine’s taste. Expect the prices to range from 15 to 30 euros per person there. 


Many wineries sell their products to visitors but there are wine shops in the town that host wine tasting as well. The enotecas have a wide range of wines from different producers while they might not have their own cellars.  You will enjoy your time there since the staff is perfectly informed about the wines and super friendly. 

Greve in Chianti, Tuscany

What to See Around Greve in Chianti

A little charming town is really close to Greve in Chianti called Montefiorale. A town founded in 1085 that took its name from the abundance of fig trees. Montefiorale is a medieval town surrounded by defensive walls holding a significant amount of history. It is said that in that place, Amerigo Vespucci, the explorer who lent his name to America was born. You can explore the town in just one evening. Admire the history by walking along the walls, visit the traditional churches that the town hosts, and do not forget to visit the Castello di Montefioralle, a place with a stunning view to take some photos.  There is plenty of time for a quick lunch, trying local Tuscan dishes while relaxing from walking. La Castellana, is one of the most known restaurants in Montefiorale, not only for its great local cuisine holding all the fresh ingredients but also for its terrace giving a wide view of the environment. In case you are not that hungry and want to save time you can visit the Montefioralle winery, a place where wine tasting is paired with local food samples.

It is a great experience to sit under the gazebo surrounded by vineyards and admire the view of the Montefioralle village. You will have the chance to taste the Chianti Classico, the Chianti Classico Riserva, the Monteficalle IGT, and Vin Santo del Chianti Classico. Do not forget to book a reservation and keep in mind that the tour lasts about 1 hour, and 15 minutes and the price starts from 30 euros. 

Best Places to Stay in Greve in Chianti

Greve in Chianti offers a wide range of options for accommodation. You can always choose based on your budget and preferences. Albergo del Chianti is a cozy hotel in the center of the town near Piazza Matteotti, holding 22 comfortable rooms offering a unique service to its customers. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, a wide range of wine varieties in its bar, and a restaurant offering traditional cuisine. The price for a night ranges from 125 to 250 euros, depending on the season while if you want to add breakfast to your services it costs 5 euros per day. 

Alternatively, Casale Le Masse is an equally great option. A farmhouse located in Greve in Chianti holds a pool and other amenities as well. You can visit their website and choose the specific room that you prefer while it is represented with photos and descriptions of its benefits. The view from the rooms is stunning and the decoration is mostly in Tuscan style. The price per night there starts at 135 euro for 2 adults but it might differ based on the season.  


The best time to visit Greve in Chianti

Greve in Chianti is a beautiful place to be visited all year. Based on your preferences, budget, and mood you can decide which season is suitable for you.  

It is generally observed that during Spring and Autumn, the temperature is better for exploration while the town is also less crowded and more affordable. Spring evokes a hopeful feeling since the flowers are blooming but Autumn is the harvest season, a procedure very essential for the Tuscans. Several events connected with the harvest procedure are taking place. The Expo Chianti Classico, a festival held on the second weekend of September is a great opportunity to try Chianti Classico and meet the producers. The entrance is free while there is a ticket that costs 10 euros if you want to do a wine tasting. Keep in mind that these seasons are indeed ideal based on the above but in some cases, the wineries and the shops might be closed or have limited open hours.  

In the Summer months, the town is more ‘alive’. You can take advantage of using the pool that most of the accommodation places have and the outdoor activities are also very interesting, just be prepared to have a hat and water along. However, the town is more crowded, and the prices are higher.  

The most affordable season to visit Greve in Chianti is Winter. The weather is going to be cold and, in some cases, it might rain or even snow. However, the town still offers a festive mood, especially on Christmas, and lower prices as well. 

FAQ about Greve in Chianti

Is Greve in Chianti a good place for a romantic getaway?

Yes. Greve in Chianti holds a charming, relaxing atmosphere. There are many activities ideal for couples like cooking lessons, horse riding, and hot-air balloon riding that will be an unforgettable experience. 

Is it possible to visit vineyards or cellars on a budget in Greve in Chianti?

Yes, Greve in Chianti offers a wide range of options when wine tasting. A small group tour is still affordable. Except that you can visit enotecas and taste a wine in a glass and not necessarily purchase a whole bottle. If visiting the town in Spring or Autumn, you will meet many open festivals for wine tasting as well. 

Are there any kid-friendly activities or attractions?

Yes. Greve in Chianti offers plenty of activities for families and especially kids to have fun. Except from wandering in the city grabbing a gelato and admiring the historic places you can also visit the Museo della Pasta, a museum dedicated to the world of pasta making including participation in a pasta-making demonstration. Instead of that, there are playgrounds near the city and the biking tours.  

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