Best things to do in Montefioralle

Surrounded by the captivating hills of Chianti, the medieval village of Montefioralle is the ideal destination to escape. Montefioralle is a village still enclosed in its original defensive walls, created in the 11th century, and has four entrances that allow you to explore it. The houses constructed of stone, and its narrow streets also stone built, provoking its rich history. Despite the fact that this is a small village, there are many things to do and see in Montefioralle. We visited it as part of our one-week road trip in Tuscany and it was a nice experience, so let’s explore the best things to do in Montefioralle.

How to reach Montefioralle

With a tour

The truth is that most tours won’t include transportation directly to Montefioralle itself, since it is a car-free village. However, many tours will pick you up from a central location in Florence or Siena and then take you to Greve in Chianti, a nearby town. From there, you’ll have to walk a short distance to reach the village. It is a good occasion to explore Montefioralle with a travel guide as well.

Public Transportation to Montefioralle

Public transportation doesn’t reach the center of the village, but you have the choice to get the bus from Florence to Greve Piazza Trento, where you will have the opportunity to see other small villages like Grassina, La Persua and Strada through the route. Arriving at Greve Piazza Trento, there is a 20-minute walk to reach Montefioralle or you can always get a taxi.

Car to Montefioralle

This is the most practical way to reach Montefioralle. If you’re coming from Florence, take the SGC Firenze-Siena highway and exit at Greve in Chianti. From there, follow the signs for Montefioralle (around a 2km distance). Note that Montefioralle is almost a car-free village, so parking will be outside the village walls.

Rent a car Tuscany

Rent a car Tuscany

The best way to experience Tuscany is to rent your own car! We recommend booking well in advance using price comparison sites like rental cars if traveling in the peak summer season.

Best things to do in Montefioralle

Fun Facts About Montefioralle

  • Family Ties to a Famous Explorer : The famous Vespucci family of Amerigo Vespucci, the person who gave America its name, once lived in Montefioralle’s castle. There’s even a building said to be their former home and a tomb of the last Vespucci member was discovered close by.
  • The village’s original name : The village’s original name was “Monteficalle,” which means “Fig Mountain.” It is believed that it took its name from the flourishing fig trees that existed in the area, in the past.
  • Double Defense: Montefioralle has actually two defensive walls consisting of obstacles, which show the village’s security in medieval time.
  • Towering Transformation: Some of the houses in Montefioralle were actually built inside the structures of old towers that were part of the original medieval town.

Enjoy a meal with a view

There is no way you will visit Italy without trying its traditional dishes. And what is better than to combine it with a perfect view? Montefioralle offers a chance to taste these popular dishes, regional wines and admire the stunning view.

La Castellana is a great restaurant in Montefioralle to taste seasonal Tuscan cuisine. The restaurant is family-run and client-oriented, with only few tables and a fine cuisine made of passion, tradition, simple and genuine taste. Everything served is prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients of Tuscan cuisine. It also serves vegetarian dishes, which we tried and were very delicious! I Desìo is a more casual restaurant combining the dining experience with stunning views of the surroundings. Their menu features pizzas, pastas, and grilled meats, all cooked to perfection over a wood fire.

Wander through the fortified town

Montefioralle is a small village and as we already said, car-free. It gives the great opportunity to explore it on foot. As you enter through the main gate and pass the defensive walls, the medieval view makes you feel like you live in the past. The narrow streets and the warm colors of the houses already make the atmosphere relaxing. While wandering in this village you will also notice that the walls constructed for defense, now have blooming flowers on them, showing that these walls have still something to show.

Many narrow streets lead you to piazzas, each one with a unique beauty. Nearby, someone can find small churches, shops, Italian restaurants and balkonies with freshly washed clothes. Do not forget to climb up the stone-stairs and admire the majestic viewpoints ideal for photography of the vineyards and olive groves of Montefioralle.

Visit the Church of San Stefano

While being in Montefioralle you cannot neglect a visit to the church of San Stefano. A heavy wooden door lets you enter and admire the magnificent artwork created on the walls. The ceiling, detailed painted with scenes from the Bible and Saint Stefano combined with the sunlight entering from the windows creates the most calming atmosphere. Take a moment to admire the artistic decoration, but don’t forget to appreciate the beauty of the space itself. It is definately a must-see in Montefioralle.

Admire spectacular views of Chianti

Chianti Tuscany

As you arrive at the peak of the final hill and let the village of Montefioralle behind you, a breathtaking view will leave you speechless. Here, at the “cassero,” the highest point in the village, you will see vineyards, attractions and castles spread on the horizon. Even futher, ancient stone farmhouses peek out from the greenery landscape, adding a touch of human history.

Go for a Hike

Montefioralle, Tuscany - Hiking

Montefioralle itself is quite small and can be explored on foot, but there is also a majority of hiking options nearby that offer stunning views.

Greve in Chianti: A 10-km loop trail near Greve in Chianti. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 3 hours to complete. This is a very popular area for hiking, so you’ll likely encounter other people while exploring.

Sillano – San Cresci: A 12.1-km arc trail near Greve in Chianti. Generally considered a quite challenging route, it takes an average of 3 hours and 36 minutes to complete. This trail is great for hiking and it’s unlikely you’ll encounter many other people while exploring. The start is in Sillano and the first part follows the Strada di Sillano on a dirt road to Castello di Colognole, an authentic restored 12th-century castle. From here, the path climbs gently to San Cresci and Montefioralle.

Borgo del Cabreo: Try this 5.6-km loop trail near Greve in Chianti. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 1 hour and 42 minuted to complete.

Montefioralle Winery


Montefioralle Winery is a small business operating by a family. It is located just next to the village of Montefioralle, in Greve in Chianti. The production is concedrated on wine even though they also produce extra virgin olive oil. Their winery, that has always been very attentive to having a low environmental impact and follow sustainable agriculture, was organically certified in 2019. The small production allows the Sieni family to attend to the quality of their products in every single detail. The cost of visiting is fixed per person and vary depending on the number of wines. You can always reach out to the winery directly through their website for further details.

Montefioralle Divino

The Montefioralle Divino is a wine festival hosted in the village of Montefioralle on the last weekend of September. The festival involves the tasting and direct sale of local Chianti Classico wines like Annata, Riserva and Gran Selezione from local producers in stands, set up along the medieval village streets.

We also had the opportunity to participate in the usual guided tasting. Note that the guided tastings are limited in number and can be booked on the Montefioralle Winemakers’ website. Even though the festival is free, some booths have a tasting fee and it is better to bring your own snacks and water to control your badget.

Sagra delle Fritelle

Several towns in Italy host a “Sagra delle Frittelle,” which translates to “Festival of Fritters”. These festivals typically celebrate as the arrival of spring, and “ frittella” is a warm dessert that has upgraded the Tuscan tables. In the main square of Montefioralle, in front of a gigantic pan with a diameter of two meters, capable of containing up to 250 kg of oil, is celebrated the ritual of cooking pancakes, made in very hot oil, which once extracted and dried must be eaten very hot as well. Most of these festivals are free to enter allowing you to have a village walk and enjoy the surroundings. The fritelle cost ranges from 1 to 2 euros and a glass of wine from 3 to 5 euros.

I Vini del Castello

I Vini del Castello is a wine festival that takes place in Montefioralle on the third weekend of May each year. Around 15 wineries set up booths in the main piazza and on the little streets of the village, and you can sample the wines in a wine glass that you purchase for the event. Even though the entrance is free, you might have to pay for the wine tasting depending on the winery and the number of wines. The festive atmosphere and the music will create an unforgettable time!

Where to eat in Montefioralle

After a long day exploring the village of Montefioralle a proper meal is essential. Even if you prefer a lazy lunch overlooking the vineyards or a tasty meal of grilled meats in a cozy trattoria, or a casual bite with a glass of local wine, Montefioralle offers a delectable array of options.

I’Desio offers an unforgettable delicious cuisine. It is a priceless experience, dining in the middle of the Chianti region surrounded by vineyards. The owner, Daniel, offers a set menu of dishes made from fresh ingredients in his vineyard. Do not forget to accompany your meal with a selection from their carefully selected wine list. And if you want to feel more like a local, end your dinner with a cup of espresso as Italians do.

Il Guerrino has its home in Montefioralle, one of the most beautiful, historical villages in Italy. The food there is strictly regional, fresh, and true to Italian tradition. This is the ideal place to enjoy a meal in one of Italy’s most beautiful settings, and during the warm, summer months, the outdoor terrace offers enough seating solutions with spectacular views of the Tuscan countryside.

Restaurant Teverna Del Guerrino is a beautiful restaurant in the village of Montefioralle in the Chianti region not far from Florence. You can enjoy beautiful views both from inside and on the veranda of the countryside and vineyards below, while eating an excellent lunch or dinner cooked over coals and sample the local wine which is family-run.

Where to Stay in Montefioralle

In case you seek a rustic room with a stunning view or a cozy apartment, stew in history, or a social haven to connect with fellow travelers, Montefioralle offers a majority of accommodations to suit your style and budget.

Agriturismo Podere Torre offers accommodation with a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, free WiFi, and a garden in Greve in Chianti. This place offers cozy and inviting apartments to provide a comfortable retreat after a day of exploring or a whole equipped home for families and groups. Visitors have the opportunity to eat meals fresh, right from the farm to the plate.

At Borgo Del Cabreo, guests will enjoy their stay without any stress. This hotel provides free internet, so you can stay connected throughout your stay. It also has free parking for guests who have their own transport while luggage storage and safety deposit boxes as well.For the days and nights if you don’t want to do anything, the rooms offer a daily maid service, so you can enjoy your time there as much as possible.

Casa Ercole Farm Stay offers a traditional Tuscan accomodation on a historic farmhouse estate. It might not be a luxury resort, but still offers all the amenities like heating and Wi-Fi. Designed with family furniture from the 1900s, it creates a warm atmosphere. The owners who live next door are very willing to help with anything needed.

La Terrazza sul Borgo is an old yet renovated apartment to relax and admire the stunning view. It faces the center of the village and has a terrace with a view of the vineyards. In spite of the fact that it was built in 1085, the property features all the amenities.

Ostello Bello Montefioralle offers an alternative solution for travelers on a low budget. A hostel providing dorm rooms and private rooms, making it a great option for budget-conscious solo travelers looking to meet fellow adventurers. They also have a communal kitchen and a bar, perfect for socializing with other guests.

Montefioralle with Kids

Montefioralle is a perfect escape for families, while it may not have committed children’s attractions, but its unique atmosphere and surrounding beauty can create a delightful experience for both adults and kids. The car-free streets provoke children to explore the historic village without additional stress for parents. Simple, nostalgic games can be played there, like challenging each other to reach the highest point in the village and eat a popular gelato as a reward.

A day trip to Greve in Chianti offers more kind-friendly options, like the food events that are hosted in the central square, Piazza Matteotti. A well-spent day could be at a winery, where the parents will enjoy the procedure of the wine tasting and children will enjoy the chocolate that companies it. The best season to explore Montefioralle with your family is spring or fall when it is less crowded. For an easy experience, it is better to pack some snacks along and be prepared since the weather is unexpected.

Driving/Walking to Montefioralle

As we mentioned before, Montefioralle is a village where cars are not allowed. Renting a car or possessing your own, is a very suitable way to reach the village and spend a day outside the walls, where you can explore the surroundings of Montefioralle. Parking within the walls is not suggested since it comes with a possible a fee. There is plenty space outside the walls though.

In any case, the village is easy to explore on foot, except for the fact that is built on a hill and some paths might be a bit sharped. Now, if you do not want to use a car, you can walk from Greve, which is very close to Montefioralle. There are two options to reach the village. A short and quicker route. The short one is 1,6 Km long and lasts about 29 minutes. However, it involves a more difficult climb along paved roads. The other route is slightly longer, 2.0 Km long and lasts around 34 minutes but is less steep. In any case, make sure to wear comfortable shoes, bring water along and wear sun protection to enjoy each route.

Best time to visit Montefioralle

The ideal time to visit Montefioralle, depends on your mood, budget and who you are coming with. If you prefer a more quiet atmosphere, the best seasons for you is spring and fall. This time of the year, the village is less crowded, the weather is convenient and you can bring your kids along to spend an enjoyable trip. Summer is the peak season for Montefioralle, so it comes with higher prices and of course with the warmest weather. It is ideal for outdoor activities but you should be prepared for the high temperature that might be uncomfortable for some. At last, winter comes with potentially lower prices and a charming atmosphere during the holidays. However the cold weather and rain can limit outdoor activities and unfortunately some shops and restaurants have limited open hours.


Where is Montefioralle, Italy?

The small medieval village of Montefioralle is in the heart of the Chianti region of Tuscany, located between Florence and Siena, and only 2 km away from Greve in Chianti.

How Long to Spend in Montefioralle?

If you are interested in history and good wine, a few days would be perfect to spend in Montefioralle. However, if you explore the region of Chianti a small stop or maybe a day trip would enhance your experience.

Is Montefioralle worth visiting?

Montefioralle has been for us one of Italy’s most charming villages. With its picturesque buildings and atmosphere, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on you if you visit.

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